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  • Develop & Design eCommerce Website

    Cosmos designed and built a highly robust eCommerce website on the Magento platform for the country's largest single-location Apple Reseller, complete with a fully-customized CMS that integrates seamlessly with EventBrite, Wordpress, and ReD Shield™ fraud protection.

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Magento ECommerce
Develop & Design B2B Website

The iconic retailer's B2B services division had different needs regarding the functions and look of it's new website. It too has a fully-customized CMS that integrates with a variety of third-party data sources - as well as the company's eCommerce storefront.

Tekserve B2B website backend
Magento ECommerce
Design Brand Identity & Advertising

As Tekserve reached 25 years in business, it's longstanding identity received a fresh and clean facelift. Cosmos created a unified new look for the brand - and applied it to both Consumer and B2B uses - including print, online, and outdoor advertising, promotional materials, and business documents.

Custom Icons

Tekserve Custom Icons
Magento ECommerce

Design Interactive Retail Installation

Cosmos Creative Design team was engaged by Tekserve to conceptualize, design, and produce an interactive retail-installation that pays homage of the past twenty-five years of their own and Apple Computer's history. The exhibition, which features historical computers and devices spanning from 1984-2013, is displayed at the company's 23rd Street location in Manhattan.