Real Sourcing Network
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Design & Develop B2B Website
  • Develop Custom Software

    The Real Sourcing Network, provides its clients with access to DataLink 3000™, proprietary cloud-based software - engineered, designed, and developed by Cosmos - that enables real-time quote-bidding, job-tracking, and file-sharing between companies and their suppliers.

  • MySql Database Symfony 2 FrameWork Amazon AWS
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning Custom Software

Cosmos was retained at the inception of the project and involved in every aspect of its strategy and engineering - including conceptual planning, wireframing, and blueprinting.


Design & Develop B2B Website
Design & Develop B2B Website

Cosmos also utilized the brand identity it developed for RSN when designing the company's public-facing website, which also serves as the gateway to DataLink 3000™.

RSN Book
Design Corporate Identity

Cosmos conceptualized and developed a bold corporate identity for RSN and applied it to all of the company's business and marketing materials.

Special Project Corporate Video

In keeping with the established corporate identity, Cosmos produced an animated tutorial video(with voice-over) that introduces the software and its features.

Real Time Spending Report

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