eCommerce Platforms

Cosmos eCommerce websites are finely-tuned to maximize sales conversion rates, garner serious search results, and provide hyper-intuitive consumer experiences. Built on Magento, our eCommerce sites feature customized Content Management Systems that provide administrators with full control of inventory, promotions, and virtually every other site function.

Content Management Systems

Cosmos helps our clients take control of their online presence by developing fully customized and intuitive Content Management Systems (CMS) that require virtually no special knowledge or training to use. Each CMS is custom-built to match a project's specific needs and provides clients with the power to update text, graphics, images, metadata, and almost any other element of their property.

Online Software

Cosmos specializes in turning our clients visions into realized digital properties. Our teams of engineers, designers, developers, and marketers can help lay out the plans for any custom software development project and then execute on them from start to finish. Whether it be a cloud-based private network, a commercial B2B endeavor, or a ready-for-market consumer-facing brand, Cosmos approaches each of our client-partner's projects as if they were our own.


With nearly eighty years in the printing business and almost fifteen as a digital services provider, it's only natural that Cosmos designs and develops (plus manufactures the physical print work for) proprietary "Web-To-Print" engines that can be customized to meet any business purpose or industry requirement.


Cosmos works with our client-partners to evaluate their specific mobile needs and helps them determine the best course of action, whether it be a mobile compatible website, a mobile-specific platform, or an independent mobile app. Our team can then engineer, design, develop, test, and market the property.