Whether you're planning a new digital venture or improving an existing one, Cosmos can provide professional internet consulting services at any stage of a project's life. We work right besides our clients in brainstorming sessions - and because we've "been there before" - we can help eliminate lots of unwanted surprises. Count on us to harvest demographic data and competitive analyses, present open-source development options, explain hosting and file-sharing environments, and set realistic budgets and schedules.


Every development project begins with a sound engineering phase during which many important decisions are made that impact the intelligence of the project going forward. During this initial, critical process, development platforms are decided upon, hosting environments are identified, user-interface styles are determined, key administrative allowances are set, and other important "rules" are established.


Our blueprints are detailed graphic outlines that indicate to our clients, our designers, and our development team, the exact origin points of a site's data, how that data is to be imported into a site, app, or software, and then presented to the user. Solid blueprints created by our engineers ensure that all of a site's many elements interact seamlessly, which reduces project delays and added expenses.


Our information architects and designers construct detailed "wireframes" that use simple black lines to present the arrangement of elements on every page within a site (directions for the interaction between these elements is also noted). These wireframes serve as the roadmap for the design process, illustrate back-end requirements, and are driven by the business goals and creative objectives of the property.