Search (SEO and SEM)

The best websites in the world become useless when no one sees them, so from the moment we start developing a property, until long after its launch, Cosmos takes the necessary steps to ensure that our client's enjoy high ranking search results. This includes both Search Engine Optimization (keywords hard-coded into the site's framework that result in organic results) as well as paid Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Cosmos has a long-standing track record of improving search results for our clients, which translates into increased traffic and higher sales conversion rates. We develop the strategy behind targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns and design the creative elements needed to garner desired results.

Social Media

Social Media is an undeniable element of business, so Cosmos creates seamless connections between the properties we develop and the most popular social media channels, blogging platforms, and event scheduling software. We also strategize, develop, and produce the necessary content and/or creative elements for social media marketing outreach.

Direct Marketing

Cosmos designs, programs, and manages e-mail blast campaigns that combine robust html-messages with clean and effective designs that garner measurable results. We can pull mailing-list data from almost any source and can tie in result-tracking software that provides data that is used to improve the results of future mailings.


Every site we build at Cosmos includes standard installation and configuration of Google Analytics, the most robust traffic-tracking software available. More importantly, we also analyze and respond in real-time to the knowledge we harvest from this data, making tweaks until maximum results are reached - whether they be sales leads, sales, or simply site traffic.